Fire and Sunshine on a Cloudy Winter Day

I saw these red and yellow twig Dogwoods (Cornus sericea, possibly ‘Baileyi’ and Cornus  stolonifera ‘Flaviramea’) growing around a rainwater retention pond in an office park in Federal Way, Washington. They’re used throughout the parking lots too, but those are cut into boxes as soon as they go dormant. The Dogwoods around the pond are allowed to grow wild and the reward is a beautiful burst of color.






Which way is up?





I think the flash went off in this picture… It’s so bright. You can even see the slight color variations of the stems and the little tufts of chartreuse lichen.


This pond is just off Weyerhaeuser rd., south of Highway 18. ( From the road, look for the bank of yellow twig dogwoods.)

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Hello world!

I’m blogging! Or I will be once I write a real post. Soon, though, soon…

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