About me

I’ve spent most of the last 17 years as a plant buyer and sales person at mom-and-pop garden centers in the Puget Sound region of Washington State. It was a lot of fun, but life changes and change is good.  Although my energy is focused elsewhere now, there are things about my former job that I really miss; like bringing cool plants into the nursery and more importantly, talking about cool plants with other plant freaks. (I guess I should insert the legal disclaimer here that any opinions I express are not necessarily those of my former employers).

I’m a gardener but I don’t want to talk much about the actual act of gardening. I won’t be posting how-to articles on composting, pruning, pest control or anything else labor related . To be honest, I don’t really enjoy the work. Blasphemy – I know!

So why do I garden? Because I LOVE plants and I LOVE beautiful gardens!

My friends and family are sick of hearing me talk about them and people are beginning to question the audible conversations I have with myself. So, I’m putting it out there in cyberspace. Perhaps no one but me will ever read this blog and that’s okay. It will still be my outlet for plant freakdom and the occasional sidestep into other obsessions.

If my thing is your thing, welcome! I hope you enjoy the ride.

–   Pyj

It’s within the realm of possibility that I will misidentify a plant. I welcome correction.

Where I Garden:

In a little suburban neighborhood between Seattle and Tacoma. According to temperature, I live in zone 8b. With wind chill however, very few zone 8 plants survive in my yard, let alone thrive. Doesn’t stop me from trying though.



One Response to About me

  1. Patti Johnson says:

    Loved your garden blog. Your pictures are inspiring and fun and makes me want to get out there and get some work done in my own garden. I still plan to collect some moss for you if you are still interested. I’ve got a LOT to choose from and will bring you a nice variety.

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