Lake Fenwick Park (… and shopping)

A few days ago, I dragged my friend Tamaras along with me on a plant shopping excursion. Our destination: Wells Medina Nursery. (I say dragged because she’s not a plant freak and it was rather chilly. Wandering around a nursery in the cold isn’t her idea of fun, but she was willing to keep me company anyway.)

As we were discussing which route to take, she mentioned a back road that went through Lake Fenwick Park in Kent. She grew up around here and knows all the good spots. I’d never been there, so I just had to stop and check it out. The lake is on the east side of the road, but I was drawn to this primordial glen on the west.

The moss and fern covered trunks are fantastic!

I half expected to see some magical creature pop out from behind one of these trees…

… but this is actually a 12 hole, frisbee golf course. Seriously. Officially the sport is known as disc golf – there’s even a professional disc golf association! Metal baskets throughout 15 acres of woods serve as holes. (Sorry – no pictures of the baskets.)

We wanted to beat rush hour traffic so we didn’t stop for long. I’ll have to make time to go back soon. I can’t believe I’ve been driving around this 140 acre park for 25 years and never knew it existed!

Here’s the reason for the trip – the Midwinter Fire Dogwood on the right. I’d blogged earlier about how this plant was on my NEED list. Eventually, when I finish painting my house (I’m halfway through a year long plan), this shrub is going to be electric against the medium blue color I’ve picked out.

The little plant in the middle is Stachyurus chinensis ‘Magpie’. I’ve been searching for this plant for at least 12 years. (I’m so proud of myself for not screaming when I saw it!) It doesn’t look like much now but just wait ’til this baby grows up. It has green and white variegated leaves in summer and chains of chartreuse flowers in late winter. The skinny  plant  to the left is Edgeworthia Chrysantha; also known as Chinese Paper Bush. The buds will soon turn into yellow flowers that have a lemon-sugar fragrance. I’ve only recently noticed Edgeworthia for sale and until now, only in two gallon size or larger. The cost, and reports of border-line hardiness had made me hesitant. This one gallon was in my, willing-to-gamble price range.

“How much”, you ask?

Oh, no! As a plant collector – what I find reasonable and what others (like my husband) find reasonable, may not be one and the same. I shall never reveal the cost of my addiction. (So, you’ll just have to call up the nursery and ask. Or better yet, go visit them and smell the plants in bloom. You won’t regret it … your wallet might, but you won’t.)

( I am not, nor have I ever been, employed by Wells Medina Nursery. I don’t know anyone affiliated with it either. It’s one of my favorite nurseries because it always seems to have something for the plant collector.)

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