House Warming Surprise

My friend Tamaras’ son and daughter-in-law, Jason and Molly, just moved into a new home. It’s a nice house in a great location; but the landscaping had been neglected while it was on the market and this weed infested planter box by the front door wasn’t exactly welcoming. Tamaras decided to spruce up the planter as a house warming gift and invited me to come along.

She wanted plants that could be transplanted into the yard once they were done blooming and, since Jason and Molly have a little boy, full time jobs and aren’t gardeners, low maintenance plants were a must.

Tamaras chose ‘Tete ‘e Tete’ daffodils and primroses in deep orange, yellow and white. (The daffodils, unlike tulips and crocus, have the advantage of being squirrel-proof.)

Jason knew what his Mom was up to but Tamaras wanted it to be a surprise for Molly, so we headed over while she was at work…


After removing the weeds, we filled the planter box with a good quality organic potting soil.

The temperature only reached 47 degrees today and wind chill made it feel like 43 – which explains why Tamaras is wearing her parka and ear muffs!


The finished planter is bright and cheery.Peel-and-stick copper tape will help protect the primroses from slugs and it compliments the brick in the background.


Yes, those really are Hen ‘n’ chicks  (Sempervivum) we tucked in as filler. Normally these dry soil and sun loving succulents should not be planted with the moist soil and shade loving primroses; but here in the pacific northwest during spring, they’ll do just fine together in a bright location.

Congratulations on the new house, Jason and Molly!

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2 Responses to House Warming Surprise

  1. Jason says:

    It looks great, thanks!

  2. You’re welcome. It was fun!

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